Have a start up?


Starting up your own company can be overwhelming and the risk is too high but should that stop you from giving it your all? If your answer is NO, you are on the right track. Starting a business and sustaining it to make it your livelihood comes at a great price- your persistence. It is an off road journey to success, with all those bumps and the unexpected curves, so gear up for adventure of the lifetime.

The beginning of every startup is an idea. You have an idea that will change this society for better. You have spent months researching the market, understanding your target audience and their behavior. This is all because you have done your homework right, going through all the materials you can lay your hands on about startups. Good going. Now, I just got one question for you, is the timing right for your idea? Is the society ready to receive the great thing you have to offer? As unique and revolutionary your idea is, it won’t create the impact you want in the society as long as the society is not ready for you. So, before you launch your greatest idea, make sure to understand the market just enough.

After weeks of brainstorming you are now ready to build the product. Executing an idea into a product and selling it requires many set of skills. What most startups lack is this divergent set of skills in the team.If you have team members who share the same strengths and weakness, a heads up for you startups here: it’s not going to go well. Building and selling are two different sectors and we hope you have team members of both territory to keep you going strong.

Congrats! You’ve sold your product for the first time. But are they going to continue using it? What many startups fail to grasp is the fact that the end product is still not the final version. You’ve got to keep iterating and updating your product to fulfill the needs of the consumer. Always focus on the need of the targeted consumer rather than your vision of the idea. Because hey, the best strategy of a business is “the customer is the king”.

We understand how crucial financial investment is for the startups. But the silver lining is the fact it is not the funding that fails the startups. You’ve a great team with a bright idea, now all you got to do is not give up and pitch all that you can. Understand that there are going to be setbacks but have that courage to keep moving forward. Always learn to improvise yourself and grab every opportunity that comes along the way. It is going to be a long journey but with your kind of persistence and determination we see great future for you.


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