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Wednesday, August 5, 2020


The highly motivated team behind the content of KTMBYTES. Meet our authors:

Amulya Raj Budhathoki

Motivated Blogger

Android geek, Food Enthusiast, Programmer ,Newbie Photographer, GIS Prodigy, Remote Sensing Expert and a Part Time Philosopher ,Ninja and Wizard.

Ravi Garbuja Pun

Application Developer

Ravi is an application developer, voracious learner and a tech geek. He loves reading well written blog posts to start the day.

Ritu Shrestha

Creative Writer

Ritu is an avid reader, creative writer and has a knack for great UI and content . Also she likes coffee without sugar.

Sandip Shrestha

Laravel Developer

Biswa Aryal

Founder At Living Around Technology

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