Facebook Launched Desktop Messenger app for Group Video calls and messages


Facebook launched messenger desktop app for Mac and Windows platform on 2nd of April 2020. You can use the desktop messenger to connect with your work buddies, friends and family all over the world. FB released the messenger app after they ran a trial for their new theme for the web app. Like the web app you can choose between the lite mode and dark mode in the FB messenger Desktop app too.

After the lock down, facebook reported 50% surge in traffic. FB Messenger’s Vp reported that 100 % of the group call were made using the desktop browser in the past months. Hence, to make it easier for the users FB released a desktop verision of messenger.

Some features of the new desktop messenger app are :

  • Group video calls can be made on larger screen. 
  • Easy to connect with your work buddies
  • Multitasking by using the popout window
  • Notifications on desktop
  • Synchronize chat across mobile and desktop. 
  • Includes Dark mode and GiFs

You can download the app using the links here for Windows Microsoft Store or Mac Mac App Store


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