Duck Duck Go hits a milestone of 30 million private searches per day


Duck Duck Go an Internet search engine that provides personalized search results while emphasizing on privacy. DDG’s subtitle “Privacy, Simplified.” also gives us a little hint of what it is. Unlike Google, Bing, Baidu DDG does not profile and track its searchers for advertisement and monetization purposes. Not profiling any users means it shows the same result for the same given search keywords for every users. Duck Duck Go was created by Gabriel Weinberg, coded using Python, JavaScript, and Perl. Even though the core is propreitary, some of the DuckDuckGo’s code is free and open source which is hosted at Github. It can also be accessed through short url ““.

Duck Duck Go was launched 10 years ago on September 25, 2008. As of today, It serves 30 million searches world wide, with a multilingual support and has Alexa rank of 256. Which is a mile stone for this privacy emphasized search engine even though it is not still in the right position to compete with its commercial rivals. DDG is advertising supported search engine to support its infrastructure, however user can opt out of it by going to settings and disabling ads. Therefore DDG is categorized as a hybrid search engine.


No tracking, no ad targeting, just searching.

Duck Duck Go took 7 years to serve 10 million searches in one day, another 2 years to reach 20 million average searches per day and then just one year to hit the milestone of serving 30 million searches per day. Comparing to Google which serves 10 billion searches per day due to the different Scandals and Hacks these past two month  users my be shifting to more secure search engine.


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