Amazon Go – A Cashier less Automated Checkout Grocery Store


The era of technology is already here. We have always wondered what technology can do?, what technology is capable of? and how is it going to help a human being?. Technology could to wonders in every field of study and work that benefits human in any way. The internet of things with cloud computing is a revolution to this era by enabling computing devices embedded in everyday objects, send and receive data and process it in cloud.

Amazon Go is a grocery store by amazon which gives you by far the most advanced shopping experience. ‘Amazon Go’, is a chain of grocery stores operated by amazon. Amazon Go is a automated store where you have to check-in using your phone, shop and checkout using your phone again without having to be in a queue in a checkout counter. Amazon uses Computer Vision, deep learning algorithms and sensor fusion for this automated checkout service. It is a new kind of store where no checkout is required. Customers does not have to wait in the queue for registering and purchasing the item in their cart. IoT and Cloud computing technologies are used to automate much of the purchase, checkout, and payment steps associated with a retail transaction. The store relies on smartphones and geofencing technology to streamline the customer experience, as well as supply chain and inventory management. Customer just needs a Amazon Go app which with they can enter the store.

Amazon’s checkout-free shopping boasts to be using the same technologies used in self-driving cars. Their ‘Just Walk Out Technology’ uses sensor’s and computer vision connected to the inventory which automatically detects when products are taken from or returned to the shelves and keeps track of them in a virtual cart. The items are added to the customer’s amazons go cart app and when they are done shopping, they can just leave the store. The payment is wireless too. After walking out of the store the customer will receive the invoice that is to be paid. This gives the customers convenience of shopping without any hassle.

Customers can download the app in their iOS device and Android device’s.

Download on the Apple App Store        Get it on Google Play



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